2023 Cook-Off Competition

Cook-Off Competition Info


  • Chili
  • BBQ (includes Brisket, Ribs, Chicken)
  • Jackpot (chef's choice)

Registration Fee

Entry fee is $150 per 2-person team for your first cook-off category and $50 per team for each additional category. If you elect to participate in multiple cook-off categories additional team members will pay $20 each.

Rules & Reminders

  1. Please note that only registered cook-off teams may set up and cook food in the tournament.
  2. Each team may request a 12x12 tent space or a space for a trailer. Teams may request a specific location first requested, first reserved.
  3. All spaces will be assigned prior to the event.
  4. Teams must bring their own TENTS, TABLES, CHAIRS, ETC...
  5. Cook-off area for loading and unloading only. NO CARS will be allowed in cook-off area; only tables and BBQ trailers allowed.
  6. Bring your own cups, plates, spoons, forks, and napkins as needed for serving the attendees.
  7. Teams are also responsible for their own condiments such as cheese, crackers, onions, bread, sauce, etc. for garnishes
  8. Please attempt to prepare enough food for 15-20+ people, plus the judges.
  9. Food may be prepared offsite prior to the judging or prepared onsite.
  10. All teams can start arriving at 8:00 am. All teams must be on site by 11:00 am to be allowed to compete. 12:00 NOON DEADLINE for Cook-off teams to submit entries for judging. Cook-off booths open for attendees to sample their offerings.
  11. Food prepared must be fit for human consumption!
    • Judges Criteria: aroma, color, consistency, tenderness, taste & aftertaste.
    • Judging is based on each category above with a scale of 1-10, the highest collective score will be the winner.
  12. EACH TEAM WILL BE PROVIDED A CONTAINER TO SUBMIT THEIR ENTRIES (EXCEPT FOR JACKPOT WHO CAN USE THEIR OWN). A number will be pre-affixed to the underside of each provided container. Inside each container will be a copy of the secret number for the team captain to keep. If you lose your copy of the number, there will be no way to know who the winner is.
  13. Cook-off teams need to promote the Peoples Choice Award and encourage people to vote. Each attendee will be given a Mardi Gras-style necklace when they arrive at the event and will vote by leaving their necklace at the booth of their favorite cook-off team just one vote per attendee.
  14. Teams will be required to submit the following for judging:
    • 1 cup of chili in the provided container
    • Enough samples for 3 judges
    • Jackpot entries provided in the container or use your own for presentation
    • Containers with food are to be delivered by a team member to the designated area at the judging station at 12:00 pm or be disqualified.
  15. Winners will be announced at 2:15 pm by number and company name.
  16. Contact Keri Rhodes with any questions about the cook-off prior to the event at (512) 533-1570 or via email.