2023 Sports Teams

Sports Competition Info


  • Registration Fee: $195
  • Includes five (5) wristbands for team players


  • Registration Fee: $120
  • Includes two (2) wristbands for team players

Rules & Reminders Volleyball

  1. (5) players per Vollebyall Team
  2. All games are to a score of 21
  3. All spaces will be assigned prior to the event.
  4. You do NOT have to win by 2 points

Rules & Reminders Cornhole

  1. (2) players per Cornhole Team
  2. 1 point for a leaner
  3. 5 points for a ringer
  4. You are self-policed and make your own calls

Please, dont be late to your games.

Team captains must notify a Chili Fest committee member of their final score

We will email game times and court numbers to all registered players so that everyone will know when their first game is. However, after the first game, it will be the teams responsibility to track the start time and which court they will be playing on.

Each team is guaranteed to play a minimum of 2 games.