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CINC Systems

1130 Hurricane Shoals Rd, NE, Suite 1300
Lawrenceville, GA 30043-4871

Vickie Johnson

Phone: (678) 205-1465 ext. 1017
Fax: (678) 205-1469

CINC Systems offers web-based software solutions for association management companies. These solutions include management, financial and accounting tools as well as websites, resale documents and professional accounting services. Plus, we can also provide seamless integration between our customers and any of our partner banks.

CINC Systems is entirely web-based, which lets our clients have real-time, 24-hour access to all of their information at a moment's notice. CINC is entirely focused on saving you time and money so you can more easily and efficiently provide the service your customers expect. Relax, you're in CINC.


2023 Platinum Partner

Community Association Banking
4950 S. 48th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Cynthia Burns, CMCA
Vice President, Regional Account Executive SE Texas

Phone: (832) 445-5787

As a leader in the industry, we deliver individualized service, customized technology, smart savings solutions and operational efficiency for community association management companies, so they can best serve homeowner associations and their residents.

Competitive rates, secure deposits and a streamlined banking experience. CIT offers a range of solutions to manage and grow HOA funds safely and effectively, including higher balances over $250,000.

  • With our HOA Premium Reserve Solution, you‘ll get:
  • The ease of dealing with one bank that can serve all your HOA banking needs
  • A competitive rate of return to grow reserve fund
  • The security to know your funds are protected and secured by a surety bond1
  • The flexibility to access funds when needed through investment options


VoteHOANow - Strateja-XL, Inc.

13500 SW Pacific Hwy, PMB 213
Portland, OR 97223-4804

Scott McKeel

Phone: (503) 427-9781
Fax: (503) 427-9735
One Simple Solution from setting up registration online and electronic ballots to tallying and delivering the final vote results in TWO simple and affordable packages.

Unlimited Annual Personalized voting website - Unlimited use of elections Surveys - Mass email messaging - Homeowner information is retained on the server in your own database - Voting records are kept for 1 year after election ends (different retention periods are available)

Single Use - Single use for 1 election. All homeowner information and voting records are deleted after the election ends