Editorial Calendar



Editorial Calendar (Issue Themes)

Board Education (February – What board members and especially officers need to know)
  • Board Officers – Defining the role of each of the primary board officers: what each needs to know about their position: President, Secretary, Treasurer.
  • Governing Documents – what are they, why do they exist, what do you need to know about them?
  • Electronic/Social Media – What works, what doesn’t? Where you and your board can get in trouble. Do you have a written policy for your electronic communications?
  • Risk Management - “Insurance Secrets No One Tells You …”, how to assess your exposure to loss. Alternative risk management techniques. Inventory your current risk management situation.
  • Legislative Update – Current status of bills before the 86th Legislative Session. What TCAA is doing. How you can help.
  • Event Promotion: Golf Tournament and Casino Night.
  • Aging of our population – What issues are affecting our aging residents/owners in our associations?

Building Community (May – Something communities and their managers are always interested in)
  • Leadership – strategies and best practices for turning homeowners into neighbors, social events, charitable functions.
  • Volunteers – an association’s greatest strength or weakness; care and feeding of your volunteers.
  • Communication – websites, newsletters, email groups, bulletin boards, meetings: using them effectively and safely. Social networking – how does it work for an association. Here’s what you need in a written board policy.
  • Rules – being reasonable, drafting rules, pet policies.
  • Aging of our population – What issues are affecting our aging residents/owners in our associations?
  • Parking, Garages, Lots, etc. – Enforcing rules.

Legal/Legislative (August – Legislative Update in odd years)
  • Legislative – What to expect in 2019 with the 86th Legislative Session.
  • Board Education - Violations 101, association bylaws demystified, how community associations function, governance guidelines, record retention policies and best practices.
  • Regulations - any new regulations affecting associations; best practices complying with regulations.
  • Legal – practicing preventative law; identity and data theft regulations; how not to enforce compliance.
  • Risk Management – more “Insurance Secrets No One Tells You …”
  • Parking, the ADA and Fair Housing – are you compliant?

Financial/Insurance (November – Another ever popular set of topics)
  • Banking - Funding availability; reserves or loans, what kind/depth of financial review is conducted; when/how do Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac guidelines apply; reserves and delinquencies; lines of credit; protecting your reserve funds through CDAR’s and CD’s.
  • Financial/Accounting – Reserve funding; association taxes do’s & don’ts; the annual audit – how to prepare; property taxes and the association.
  • Board Education – What about a policy on drones? Collections 101, role of the board Treasurer, build/maintain good relations with vendors.
  • Risk Management - more “Insurance Secrets No One Tells You …”
  • Insurance – How much is enough? What about cyber liability insurance?