Kilowatt Partners

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Stewart Masterson

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Kilowatt Partners, Inc., a Texas corporation, was formed with the mission of saving its clients on their energy bills.

Since deregulation, the way power is generated and delivered has been broken down into three components:

  • Generation - self-explanatory
  • Transmission and Delivery (TDSP): getting the power delivered to your home or business. Companies, such as Centerpoint, make sure you are getting power delivered to your home. The TDSP takes care of you when you have a service problem. They do not care who you buy your power from.
  • Retail Electric Provider (REP's): the "gas stations" you buy your power from. Most people do not know that the company who maintains the power lines is not the company they buy power from. There is no added safety or reliability by staying with the old REP.
Kilowatt Partners has negotiated rate reductions that can reduce a homeowner's energy bill by 20% to 30%, assuming they are currently on a typical monthly plan. With a 20% savings, a home using 3000 KWH per month; the homeowner should save $100 per month ($1200 annually).

Kilowatt Partners brokers energy and is approved to aggregate to businesses, homeowners, municipalities, etc. We have Brokerage and Aggregation Agreements with multiple Retail Electric Providers ("REP's) that bid on clients' accounts.